Pouring Rain

The rain’s heavy downpour on our roof woke me up. Consciously, I checked my BlackBerry for the time and found out it’s only 3 o’clock in the morning. “Ugh! I’m up too early!”, I groaned. Then I realized the rain never stopped since last night.

It was a grueling experience, I recalled.

The rain kept on pouring since morning and floods started to build up in most areas. Vehicular traffic congested the main roads, almost appearing like a public parking lot; people got stranded on the streets holding on to their umbrellas, while some, to their shoes; trains, as well as,train stations got overcrowded with people, lined up anxiously waiting for their turn to ride . They all wanted to go home.

At the breakfast table, after finishing my bread, I peeked at our window and saw the gloomy appearance of our backyard. I approached my mom, almost through stacking our dirty clothes for laundering.

“I believe I can’t report for work today.”, I declared.

“Ah-hmmm”, she replied.

“Most of the areas I’ll be passing through are flooded. It might get worst later on”, I reasoned.

“Ah-hmmm”, again, she replied.

” I don’t know how to swim going home. Besides, aren’t we having a bed-weather?” I chuckled on that thought. I didn’t tell her that but honestly, I really miss my bed.

She supported my decision. We both learned to anticipate from our experience with typhoon “Ondoy”.

I felt like a sixth-grader jumping after hearing a suspension of classes. I have the whole day to myself. Back then, I remembered, I had the liberty to lay on bed for hours, watch my favorite shows and raid the fridge. Then the day becomes too long to bear. My rejoicing abruptly ended with a pondering question: how am I supposed to spend my day? And not getting bored in the end?

I surfed the web for news about this present storm. An article by Karen Galarpe caught my interest: “Netizens turned to twitter to report, rant about floods.”

I agree Twitter kept me informed and entertained last night on my way home. The article is mostly filled with complaints: from governing system down to drainage system.

‘Never read anything like, “I should’ve put my trash at its proper place” or “I should’ve anticipated this thing would happen later on.”

Then I got blessed with one practical revelation: DECISION.

It is an act of making up one’s mind about something. A position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration.

We should have decided preparing measures when flood occurs. We should have decided following the waste segregation scheme (or better yet, not deprive the trash bin it’s appointed function.) We should have decided leaving our workplace earlier than usual when heavy rains started to pour. We should have decided being grateful we’re home in one piece and the flood did not rise to alarming heights.

Francis Kong has a better perspective to share: “In anything that we do (or decide on), there should be a point of reference because it defines who and what we really are.”

The Bible is our point of reference.

Psalm 119: 20,24 says,
20 I wear myself out with desire
for Your laws all the time.
24 Your rules give me pleasure;
they give me good advice.

How I spend my time this rainy day depends on my decision. It is not governed by how the weather affects my moods but by His direction through His Word.

The Psalmist said,”His good (perfect) advice.”

I decided not to focus much on my 14-inch flat screen monitor. There are a lot of more important things to do (like arranging my “jungle” room).

I’m grateful I decided obeying my mom who reminded me to come home early last night. I’m grateful God led me to decide riding the train would be faster. I’m grateful I decided to wear my “wading” shoes daily for this season.

Following Christ is also a great decision. Our lives will only be altered once our hearts are altered first.


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