My Cousin Hannah

Are there mornings you felt your body lacks sufficient fuel and you kept delaying yourself from rising up?

Are there mornings you just want to hide from the light and kept burying your head under the pillows?

This morning is one of them. Until one phone call…

(Yawns) “Hello…Hi Tito(Uncle)…I just woke up….yeah…I remembered. You told me we’re going out today…uhmmm…for what reason again?”

He replied,”We are going to prepare something for your cousin.”

Nope, it isn’t a surprise birthday party.

Of course, I don’t intend to share it with you at this early point in time.

My uncle called me twice(I guess, he’s excited about the plan…too excited). He reminded me not to mention anything to my cousin.

I do agree, this is a very special day for her.

By her own self, she is entirely exceptional (not that she has a mutant gene or manifesting supernatural abilities for that matter)

In every special occasion, me and my friends usually take turns to tell the person honored, “What I love about you.” In his book, The Most Important Place on Earth, Robert Wolgemuth emphasized, “ Words we give as gifts are exactly like warm blankets.” It soothes both the spirit and the heart.

A recipient of her goodness, allow me to share a few things about her.

Annie Dillard wrote in her book, The Writing Life, ”There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.” I strongly believe, my cousin endeavours living a good life.





Her family can attest how much she tries to impart herself in loving ways. Her work schedule never became a hindrance to spending time with them, as well as with friends and relatives. She can even spare time teaching children about God and provide care to her dog whom she adores.





Being endowed with a surpassing talent in writing and in music, my cousin ministered to people, including myself, in so many ways.




She often tries to be helpful and meet others’ needs. She honors commitments instead of catering to her own convenience. Certainly, she is one of those people who encouraged me to pursue penning my thoughts.

She never withdraws a smile if it can lighten up a gloomy day(even laugh at my dull and tiresome humor).





She makes an effort to listen attentively and not passively to people pouring themselves out. And she bravely gives her principled advice with utmost care.




In the Bible, James wrote,“Every good action and every perfect gift is from God. These good gifts come down from the Creator of the sun, moon, and stars, who does not change like their shifting shadows.”(James 1:17, NCV)

Her amicable behavior stems from her deep love for God.

She is my cousin Hannah. And this is her special day.

Secretly, we rendezvous in one place. We got instructed with our individual cues. Excitement emanates from every effort made. And then we all heard, “She’s here!”

And the inevitable moment came.

Everybody approved. Including her. And it took her breath away.





Probably right now, she can’t take away her eyes from that sparkling jewel ringed around her finger.





Probably right now, those unforgettable words she heard are playing again and again in her mind.

Definitely, right now, her life steps into a new chapter with someone she’ll spend glorious years with.





Their eyes met. And they caught a glimpse of heaven.