Four Months Ago

Four Months ago, my family reached an important decision

Like opening a new book and skipping the introduction

I was asked to let go of the present and to chase after my father’s dream

I gave no attention to my personal fears instead I honored him and embraced the unseen.



Four months ago, me and my family are in the airport saying our goodbyes

We all hardly slept the night before and arrived before sunrise.

My tear glands are so exhausted, I cried my worst

My arms all over them, my heart is about to burst.

Then I saw how much the situation grieves them more

I inhibited myself from showing emotion for I want to see them smile once more.



Four months ago, I was on a middle-aisle seat and heard “air turbulence approach”

We are high in the sky but it still felt like wheeling on a broken road

I fastened myself tightly, with my eyes closed,my body frozen like a toad

My fear of heights left me panting, I thought of exit doors which is pretty absurd

Then I saw the parade of lights, it isn’t heaven yet I know

We’re almost near the airport, no cause for alarm

I can already kiss the ground, finally I’m safe from harm.



Four months ago, my surrogate family brought me to Church

God answered my need for nurture to live a life beyond reproach

It is a good start,I believe, for the challenge has began to unfold

Tiresome days, I found myself composing and sending resume after resume

Unceasing prayers encouraged and kept me waiting for an e-mail day by day.



Yes I know it has been four months and the future for me still remains unclear.

But I am more than grateful for God has made His presence always near.

Even as I act like a whining kid, I never felt alone

He softened my heart that used to be made of stone.



He wants me to remember His promise in Psalm 139, verses 8-10

His hands will faithfully cradle me towards the end

And even if I have to start my life all over again

I will always remember, in my heart, I have God who calls me “friend.”




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