His Turn



I also had an experience concerning patience but I responded differently.




It was the fourth time I looked at my watch. Then the secretary approached me, “The doctor will see you after he finishes three more patients. “ Oh…I understand. I’ll just wait for my name to be called.”, I answered smilingly(sigh). Then my stomach churned.



An hour elapsed. The long wait is finally over. I had my turn.




I closed the door behind me. “Brrrrr…”, the cold breeze made me shiver. I sprinted towards the nearest bus stop. ‘Can’t wait to get home. I still have a long list of tasks ahead. ”I hope the bus arrives soon”, I briefly closed my eyes and prayed.




15 minutes.




I kept myself entertained. I started singing a Demi Lovato song, “…I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper , like a SKYSCRAPER!” (by the way, the weather remained calm)




No bus came.











I should have prayed patience to be patient.

After reading one of her devotionals, Julie Ackerman Link reminded me,”Not receiving an immediate answer to prayer is no reason to give up faith.” Patience is a sign of spiritual maturity. And it requires time. I should wait on the Lord, more than those on night watch waiting for dawn to come.(Psalm 130:6, emphasis mine)




But waiting often makes me grumble—particularly if it involves my future and my security. A few days ago, I went through a period of testing. And in my spiritual frailness, I failed to recognize God’s sovereignty.



In his book, God is closer than you think, John Ortberg wrote, “Even when we failed, the flow of the Spirit can be restored in our lives at any moment. And all we have to do is ask.”

God is a faithful listener. He is also an excellent teacher. He allows trials in my life to bring me down on my knees and let Him take over.

God promises, “Those who trust in Me will find new strength and soar like eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31, emphasis mine)




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