More Than A Passionate Writer

Recently, I enrolled to an online course, “Web Writing and Social Media Communication”, at University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies.

Today is our first Day, May 21st. My first task: introduce myself.

I began to scratch my head. I am still recovering from a writer’s block. I asked myself, “Where do I start?”

Is it enough to convey that writing is my artistic expression and I am passionate about it?

Reflecting on it, I remembered coming across a formula shared by Mark Sanborn, an inspiring author and motivational speaker, necessary to increase a person’s value during this challenging times.

According to him, “Value is equal to Expectation plus Education plus Something Extra.”

I began to realise there is more than being a passionate writer.

Allow me to introduce myself:


My name is Laurence. I am in the process of pursuing a second career. I explored writing online by maintaining a personal blog since 2011. And what used to be an outlet for creativity, now, became a passionate endeavour.

Each post fueled me to delve more into it, however, my enthusiasm is not equal to direction. I need instruction. My skills require assessment to further enhance it. My audience deserve something more.

I desire to be more than a passionate writer.

It is an inspiration to see online writers become established in their own projects. Significantly, I see more value in the learning process they went through in order for them to reach their goals.

I believe online learning can be both informative and interactive. Regardless of the course being undertaken, these areas can be attained by collaborating the instructor’s wisdom and creativity with the learner’s show of enterprise and discipline. Online learning will also allow me to study at my own pace and utilize a style that works best for me.

I understand the process is gradual, but certainly, it requires action.

In his bestselling book,”Up, Down or Sideways”, Mark Sanborn emphasized, “Mind-sets are important, but not enough. Doing the right things for the right reasons in the right way, and doing them consistently – that is what creates sustainable success.”

I am traversing my restraints by being proactive. In this changing world, it is my objective to create distinction in my work and artistry.

Like an archer who finally releases his arrow towards his target, I am letting go of those “words” and use them significantly. For I believe, I am more than a passionate writer.


Enemy Inside


Robotic tentacles extending from the virus-sized machine completely replaced the damaged neuron.

His body is laid inside a cryonic chamber. Early this morning, he succumbed due to a massive cerebral haemorrhage.

“He is making significant progress”, the scientist grinned.

Upon opening his eyes, what he saw made him fluster. For him, it is an unwanted prison. Suddenly, he felt rage surge uncontrollably. He balled his fist.

The glass cover exploded with a single blow.

Hyperventilating, he pulled himself up. His eyes started to roam around subtly pleading to be rescued.

“Welcome back son!”, an unfamiliar figure began to approach him.



The ceiling light flickered.

“Bad timing!”, I grumbled. Nothing’s immutable in this life.

I lost my job and it felt like I was ran over by a truck.


The phone rang but I ignored it. I continued reading the “Game of Thrones.”

Her message played, “Kyle! They can only offer you sixteen hours a week. Call me soon if you’re interested.”

I turned the page and got caught by a line that made me pause and contemplate —

A bruise is a lesson…and each lesson makes us better.”

He’s right.

I picked up the handset and started making a call.